With the help of God and efforts of experienced engineers, the company was established in 2006.
After a year of studies and research on artificial stone based on resin and the choice of technology, the company was registered in 2007.
Building factory with 3,000 square meters and the hall with 500 square meters of office space and laboratories in the Vian industrial town were located in the province.

about atiston

The beginning of 2007 the production line of 200 meters of engineered quartz stone and Solid Surface Installed and Spanish experts transfer technology to the experts, the company began trial production from the middle of the year.

Fortunately, with the help of experts and founders of the company colors and unique formula was created and from mid-2008 under the brand of ATISTONE was ready to launch.

Now about the power of God BEHIN SAKHT ALVAND making more than 50 fellow of employment directly and about 200 people indirectly determine to provide new ideas and creativity in the company's future production .