Introduction solid surface sheets and their benefits
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Introduction solid surface sheets and their benefits

Introduction solid surface sheets and their benefits

Introduction solid surface sheets and their benefits

Corian stone is a common expression for solid  surface sheets. Solid surface is the scientific name for solid and integrated sheets that are produced with special formule and artificial material under a chemical process. 


مواد تشکیل دهنده کورین کدامند؟

آلومینیوم تری هیدراته کورین  پلیمر مایع رنگدانه های پیگمنت 
ازجمله مواد تشکیل دهنده کورین می توان به آلومینیوم تری هیدراته اشاره کرد که نوعی محصول مشتق شده از بوکسیت و خاک رس است. رزین یا پلیمر مایع یکی دیگر از جمله موادی است که در تولید کورین به کار می رود و به عنوان چسب نیز کاربرد دارد که وجود آن باعث قابلیت انعطاف پذیری در این محصول شده است. پیگمنت ها و رنگدانه های تزئینی که برای تنوع در طرح ها و نقش ها به کار می روند.


In terms of appearance and some physical features are very similar to natural stone so we call them artificial stone.

ویژگی سنگ کورین

Considering to some unique features of corian like hygienic feature, anti bacterial, suitable resistance, flixability and easy fabrication is a fine replacement for natural stone, wood, mdf, ceramic tiles and etc.

In offices, commercial and residential buildings, restaurants, hospitals and etc.


Besides, atistone solid surface sheets have more benefits like: versatility in color and texture, forming, light transmition and …

That cause to make atistone solid surface sheets a unique and multipurpose production.

In fact, by the use of atistone sheets, there is not limit in color and texture.

General specification and speciality of solid surface sheets

  • Rigid and united
  • Anti moisture
  • Easy keeping
  • Beautiful, rigid, warm and always new like natural stone.
  • Repairable like wood
  • Forming by heat
  • According to environmental issues
  • Resistant against fire
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